This article will explain different statistics that are according to 2020 car theft data that each driver should know. Without wasting a moment, let’s take a look.

Keys were stolen from a burglary 

Thieves will often break into homes for the sole purpose of stealing car keys, which many people conveniently leave plain sight in a table not far from the front door. 

According to 2020 data, the key burglary level was 37%.  

This not only lets thieves steal your car or truck but also provides them a handy place to store extra stolen things from your residence.  If you have to leave car keys in your home, hide them nicely.  

Keys left in the vehicle 

An opportunistic burglar only needs a couple of moments to jump behind the wheel, drive off in your car, and thus don’t give them a chance.  If you are not in the vehicle, ensure that your keys are in a secure location.  

If we look at the statistics declared in 2020, 18% of cases are reported to leave their keys in the car.

Forced ignition (14 percent )

Twenty years ago, hot-wiring cars were a favored method for auto thieves.  Nowadays, it doesn’t happen quite as often because of the sophisticated immobilizers present in newer vehicles. However, older model cars remain vulnerable.  

If we talk about the 2020statistics about forced ignition, you will find that there were 14 percent cases reported about it.

Using other keys for cars

This category covers all the other circumstances where keys are used to steal a vehicle. For example, thieves could find out the VIN and enrollment of a specific car they want to steal and approach a dishonest dealer to purchase a secret.  

Twelve percent of cases are reported in 2020, according to that thieves used other keys to steal a car.

Taking the car without consent

Only 7 percent of cases were reported that showed people took the car without the consent of stealing.

When somebody understands a friend, family member, work colleague, etc., utilizes the automobile without the owner’s knowledge or consent. A classic example would be the adolescent who sneaks off inside their parent’s car, crashes, and then attempts to conceal their questionable deeds by reporting it stolen.  

Keys were stolen from a robbery

The number of cases of keys stolen was 5% only in 2020.

That is a frightening one when you are confronted and threatened by a criminal who demands your keys. This can happen as you are in the car, simply getting into or out of your car or truck. 

When you feel doubt, hand over your keys and spare your own life.  

Forgery and Fraud (5%)

This usually occurs when a purchaser hands over a forged bank draft or other false payment to a car dealer, frequently late on a Friday. If you are thinking that why they choose Friday, then listen!

The fraudulent people always choose Firday to give bank drafts to dealers because after the next day, and they cannot go to bank for cash and have enough time to go away. 

Cases of fraud were reported just 5 percent in 2020 statistics.

The car was stolen from being pushed and towed

Sometimes, thieves can utilize a tow truck or a car to steal your vehicle.  Your parked vehicle might even be broken into and pushed into a less visible location and sold for components.  

These cases were just two percent according to the 2020’s statistics.

How to protect your vehicles from Car theft?

There are a lot of things you can do to lower the chance of your car being stolen. After you leave your car or truck, close all of the windows, lock the car and take the keys.

It would help if you never left your important things in plain view in an unattended car; it is an open invitation for thieves. And do not bother with these ‘smart’ magnetic key holders that enable you to attach a extra key to your car’s bottom.  Thieves know all about those not-so-secret hiding areas.  

Park your car in well-lit places whenever possible.  Switch your wheels toward the curb to make it harder for your car to be towed by a burglar. If you’re parked in your garage, lock the vehicle and lock up the garage.  

Ensure garage windows are also fastened. If your car has an alarm and other theft detection device, make sure you use it at home.  You might choose to utilize more than one anti-theft device for more safety.  

If conditions require leaving your car unattended for an extended period, consider disabling it by removing the rotor, electronic ignition, distributor, fuse, or another critical part.  

Do not think that simply because you drive an old car, you’re somehow immune from theft.  Older cars are easier to steal since they lack immobilizers.

However, they can be profitable when sold for parts, and speaking of parts will not hurt to engrave major components and pricey accessories having a personal ID number or VIN.  You may even get the VIN etched on your windows.  

Several anti-theft options are available. Steering wheel locks and ignition kill switches, floorboard locks that disable the ground pedals, gearshift locks that avoid shifting the transmission, and wheel locks can prevent the thief from barging.

As we know that V\vehicle tracking devices are becoming more popular nowadays, and people are using these devices to secure their vehicles.  These may be triggered when your car is stolen to aid police in fast monitoring its location.  

You may also buy locks that prevent offenders from accessing your steering column or raising your car’s bonnet. For your security, always lock your doors and keep your windows up if you’re at the vehicle.

This thoughtful dependency offers better protection from road rage, assaults, abductions, and car-jacking. Be cautious of strangers coming to your car window asking for directions, distributing flyers, or engaging in conversation.

Do not roll down your window to speak to them.  

If you’re bumped out of another car and think it’s a ploy to get you out of your car or truck, ring the police immediately from your vehicle.  Gently nudging the rear of an auto is a widely used technique by criminals who do not fall for it, particularly in an isolated, badly lit area.  

It helps if you have got quality auto insurance that covers you if your car is stolen. With common sense and a few necessary precautions, you can earn automobile thieves’ lives just a bit harder.

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