What is meant by re-key?

First of all, we need to know about the term ‘Re-key.’ The meaning of this term is to change the lock’s configuration. The lock remains safe, but the key is changed. There are different situations one might encounter in which you should Re-key your lock. 

Time to re-key

When the year is changing, then why not the key of your lock?  Before entering a new year, according to the customs of china, all your things must be cleaned and renewed.

Re-keying can protect you from several burglars chasing you over time. These burglars make duplicate keys of your traditional locks from professional locksmiths.

So it’s better to re-key your locks after some time, for the protection of your loved ones and your property.

There are a few conditions in which it’s necessary to re-key your locks. These conditions are as follows:

  • Moving to a new home

Whenever you shift your home, re-key should be your top preference.   When you shift into a new home or apartment, most probably the previous renters or tenants will have the keys to your locks.

This can allow them to unlock your home quickly. So it’s better to re-key your locks first, so your home should be secure from strangers. Most people forget to think about the safety of a new home, and you should keep in your knowledge that who else has a spare key to your home, including the owner of your home.

  • When some renters leave your home

If your home was on rent and the renters have left your home, you should re-key your locks. As the renters will be having a key to your home lock and the access to your home is easy for them or any other person who might get those keys.

You will never know about the keys, in whose hand they are and whether that person is trustworthy or not. To make your home secure and safe after the renters have gone, you should re-key your lock or change your lock’s configuration.

  • After a burglary

Re-keying becomes vital when a burglary happens in your home. You never know when a robbery will happen in your home, and it can be due to some carelessness.

But when a burglary had happened, you get insecure and scared of the robbers. You also get conscious about the security of your home and your family.

It is important to re-key your locks because the burglar has access to your home, and if you don’t re-key, the robber can make a second attempt.

  • Ending a relationship

You should re-key your locks if a relationship has ended with your partner. This condition seems to be funny, but it is a very common condition that is not considered.

Whenever a relationship ends between a wife or husband or a girl and boy dating, they are brimming with anger and negative thoughts about each other.

During the good times of your relationship, one might have given a key of their home lock to his/her partner, but after the relationship has ended, they can access your home without your permittance.

As they want to conquer you during these crucial times because several cases have been going on at the end of this relation. However, the spare key you had given to your partner can put your home at risk so re-key your lock after ending a relationship.

  • Can’t find the keys

If your keys are lost, then it is time to re-key. The keys are lost, or the keys are stolen, are two different aspects. If you have lost your keys, then it is your urgent need to buy new keys?

Instead of making the older key again, it is better to change the key of your lock because where ever your keys are lost, there is a chance that someone will pick it up and try to break into your home.

The other case is of stealing keys. This is more dangerous because someone has stolen your keys to do robbery in your home. If you think that you have not misplaced your keys, but anyone is misplacing them, there is a chance to misuse those keys.

In either case, re-key your locks to save your home from all the suspicions.

  • Sharing of keys

Usually, you share duplicate keys with your roommates or your friends. This can help them if you are not at home and get inside of your home. When you live with your roommates or your friend is in your city to stay at your home, you can give them the spare key.

When your degree is completed and those roommates are no more your roommates, they still have those spare keys with them. Those keys can be displaced from their home to any mistrustful place and doubt the security of your home. So it is better to re-key your locks with time.

  • Restoration of home

Commonly, your home needs to be repaired and restored. For restoration and renovation, the constructors or contractors need access to your home. During your home’s renovation, the family members don’t stay up there and sleep over their relatives’ homes.

The contractor works in the absence of home members because it is the compulsion of their work. After the renovation is being done and you forget those extra keys to take them back from the contractors.

This is risky for your home’s security, so it is good to re-key your locks after renovations.


The traditional locks, which are opened with keys, usually have several keys, which you have given to different people for different purposes. So try to re-key or change your locks with the changing year from 2019 to 2020.

This responsible act can be proved beneficial.   

If you have any questions or would like more information on lock re-keying or changing, please feel free to contact residential locksmith Schaumburg at (847) 865-8088.