The term “lock bumping” refers to the practice of resetting a standard cylinder lock by manually repositioning its pins with a bump key. A door can be unlocked by employing this picking method, which is typically used in the course of a home invasion. Residential security is increasingly at risk from lock bumping. Intruders may easily break cylinder locks with some experience, a few simple tools, and the proper chance. Our country has a long history of using this style of lock. Unfortunately, burglars have learned how to swiftly and efficiently pick these locks. The approach uses the widespread availability of these locks to allow for the unauthorized manipulation of deadbolts and regular key locks.

How To Prevent Lock Bumping

You can do several things to protect your home from lock bumping, which is good news.

  • Bump-Proof Locks

They are distinguished by a small mark next to the keyhole rating on the packaging. These locks are even more difficult for thieves to pick or bump because they don’t use traditional pin-tumbler systems. Talk to a Locksmith Skokie IL about what high-security option would work best for your home.

  • Anti-bump Lock Guards

If you’re on a budget, acquiring a bump-resistant guard may be the way. The gadgets can be purchased via the internet or local hardware stores and then mounted on the door. The most popular anti-bump device is the thumb-turn guard, which secures your deadbolt by latching onto its thumb-turn inside. One drawback of this approach is that it stops the door from unlocking from the outside, which might be inconvenient in some situations.

  • Security Camera

Due to the lack of physical evidence left behind by lock bumping, it is difficult to prove to insurance companies that a claim is not fraudulent without the services of a forensic locksmith. Put cameras in visible locations near your entrances for added protection. To establish to your insurance company that a burglary occurred, you must produce video footage of the invader.

  • Temporary Lock Guards

Lock bumping used to be common practice, but today there are low-priced solutions available to help stop it. A flip guard, for instance, would prevent the existing lock and deadbolt from being dislodged in the event of an attempted lock pick. This primary drawback is that this item cannot be opened from the outside, even with the correct key. This stopgap can be implemented from within the building or before leaving through a different door.

We trust this post has provided you with some pointers on avoiding being a victim of lock bumping. Review your security measures to ensure you have everything in place to sleep well if you worry that your home or business could be broken into by lock bumping or cracking. Skokie Locksmith has often responded to calls from homeowners whose houses had been damaged by a forced entry. We bring this up to raise awareness about the problem’s seriousness and encourage you to take precautions.